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About the The Whiskey Files with Corky Taylor


On February 9th, the first of these industry professionals to host The Whiskey Files will be fourth-generation entrepreneur Corky Taylor, the sole proprietor of Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co. Mr. Taylor revived this deep-rooted distillery after it lay shuttered for nearly a century and is dedicated to producing nothing but the finest rye and bourbon. His passion for the distilling craft is matched only by a passion for his family, which under his leadership is sure to continue guiding Peerless to success. 

We look forward to hearing Mr. Taylor’s story and valuable knowledge of the whiskey craft—and invite you to join us in the first of many cozy and conversational interviews. Each guest will get the chance to sample select whiskeys chosen by Corky himself! Come kick back, sip some bourbon, and share in stories seeped in the rich history of America’s whiskey trade, right here at Hermitage Farm. 

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