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Bourbons from all of Kentucky’s Distilleries under One Roof

Our Bourbon Experience gathers together Kentucky’s most sought-after bourbons. Our carefully curated library contains every brand from Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail, in addition to celebrated selections from craft distilleries, vintage options, rare bottles, and popular brands from across the Bluegrass and beyond. Whether you prefer the spicy flavor of mash bills heavy in rye, the caramel richness of a fine vintage, or the smooth sweetness of winter wheat, our selection has you covered.

Attend a Tasting at our Bourbon Experience

Our guided tastings are enjoyable for bourbon connoisseurs and novices alike. Join our delightful bourbon stewards in learning about Kentucky’s rich bourbon heritage, all while enjoying flights of select bourbons, and crafting your own delicious cocktails.

Bourbon Shelf

Take Home a Bottle

Discover an incredible bourbon during your guided tasting? Let us know and we’ll have a bottle ready and waiting for you to take home after dinner. Not dining at Barn8, but still looking to take home a bottle? Visit our farm store to browse our selection of bourbons available for sale.

Hermitage Farm Select Bourbon

We are choosing our own private select Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey inspired by Hermitage Farm. Soon you will be able to sample a distinctly rich, smooth, and flavorful bourbon crafted from prized 12+ year aged barrels. Join our mailing list to be notified when this limited “Grand Opening” release becomes available.