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Hermitage Farm is dedicated to fostering community engagement, promoting positive social impact, and supporting charitable causes. Our goal is to be a valued presence in the neighborhoods we serve, by supporting non-profit organizations that strive to uplift our collective community.

While Hermitage Farm welcomes donation requests for various charitable causes, our organization prioritizes nonprofit organizations dedicated to arts education and environmental conservation—longtime passions of our owners, Steve Wilson and Laura Lee Brown.

Please allow up to 40 days for our team to review your donation application. Regardless of whether your application has been approved or denied, you can expect a prompt response from our team at the end of that waiting period.


Arts & Culture

Steve Wilson and Laura Lee Brown, owners of Hermitage Farm, are also the founders and visionaries behind 21C Museum Hotels. They are contemporary art collectors and preservationists committed to broadening public access to thought-provoking contemporary art through acquisitions, exhibitions, and innovative cultural programming.


The owners of Hermitage Farm have already placed over 2,000 acres of their farmland in agricultural easements, with another 1,500 acres in process. These protected acres will remain farmland forever. This initiative follows Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson’s intentions of simultaneously improving city life and conserving rural landscapes.

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