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About Us


The state of Kentucky is known for many things—its scenic rolling hills, its plethora of bourbon distilleries, its hosting of the Kentucky Derby, and its variety of homestyle, southern dining experiences. Stretching along one of Kentucky’s Scenic Byways just twenty miles outside of Louisville, Hermitage Farm is one of many agricultural establishments to grace these sprawling green pastures. But more than a homely farm, at Hermitage we believe we combine the best of Kentucky’s culture into one collective, picturesque destination.

Originally purchased as part of a land grant in the 1700s, Hermitage has passed through the care of many different owners—but has remained a working farm for almost two centuries. Current owners and Kentucky darlings Steve Wilson and Laura Lee Brown purchased the farm not only with a vision for the continuation of its thoroughbred nursery—but with a desire to preserve and cultivate its heritage, bringing modern innovation to a land rich in history.

While most of our near 700 acres are still dedicated to the care and production of thoroughbreds, within recent years Hermitage has expanded with a number of exciting developments, striving to celebrate Kentucky heritage in all its forms. Whether looking to enjoy southern cuisine prepared with locally grown ingredients or get an in-person look at how we raise our prize-winning steeds, our farm offers a classic Kentuckian experience for families, couples, travelers, or curious locals alike.

With all of these different components making up the whole of our operations, there is so much that unfolds across our property on a day-to-day basis. With the creation of this journal we want to share some of these daily stories and happenings with you, providing not just education and insight into our variety of operations, but bringing you closer into our community with an exclusive insider’s look—one you can be a part of on a regular basis.

From our renowned thoroughbred operations to the ever-changing menu of our farm-to-table restaurant (and perhaps some shared recipes) to the key role bourbon plays in our business to the vibrant plants we grow in our gardens year-round, even down to sharing the different works of art we have on display here, this source of stories is meant to connect you to our community and share our pride for the innovative farm life that we cultivate. So saddle up for some exciting insider scoops—we hope you’ll stick around for the ride.