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A Night of Brunello

Experience “A Night of Brunello” on March 7th, 2024, . Delight in an exclusive 4-course dinner featuring the remarkable wines of Uccelliera, ranging from Rosso di Montalcino to Brunello di Montalcino. Our carefully crafted menu compliments these exquisite wines, offering a genuine taste of Italy’s terroir. Secure your seat for an intimate evening where wine passion and gastronomy come together.

Discover Uccelliera wines with Angela Biagiotti, a seasoned Montalcino native with over two decades in the industry. From hospitality to becoming a Certified Sommelier and WSET3 student, Angela’s authentic journey adds depth to “A Night of Brunello.” Join us for more than a tasting – a conversation with Montalcino’s soul. Reserve your spot for an evening of exploration, where Angela’s expertise and Uccelliera’s outstanding wines promise an unforgettable “Night of Brunello.”

A Night of Brunello will feature a special guest and author, Angela Correll. Angela is the acclaimed author behind the upcoming release “Restored in Tuscany,” hitting shelves on March 4, 2024, alongside her bestselling trilogy comprising “Grounded,” “Guarded,” and “Granted,” all of which soared to the top of Amazon charts. The author will be selling signed copies of her newest work.