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Tickets and Attendance

Join us for a beautiful weekend with family and friends on the historic grounds of Hermitage Farm in Goshen, Kentucky. Tickets for the Kentucky Class grant you access to all three days of the competition!

Saturday, June 4th offers an exciting day with plenty of endurance competitions, food and beverage tents, VIP area, and more. Enjoy food and bourbon selections from Barn8 and others.

Bring your lawn chair and watch the action. We look forward to seeing you there!

2 men driving carriage through stream with onlookers under a tent

A Combined Driving Event & Festival

On even-numbered years, Hermitage Farm hosts one of the premier Combined Driving Event competitions in the US: the three-day Kentucky Classic, featuring competitors from around the world.

Each driver completes three different competitions utilizing the same horses: Dressage, a pattern of movements such as circles and figure eights, displayed at various speeds; Marathon, a cross-country race against the clock through numerous obstacles and hazards; and Cones, a carefully choreographed race against time through a series of narrow gates.

Competitor Information

More information coming soon.