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Carriage Driving at Hermitage Farm

Carriage Driving is one of our passions. A competitive form of harness horse driving, CDE drivers complete three tests of great skill: Dressage, Marathon, and Obstacle Driving. Hermitage Farm co-owner Steve Wilson is a four-time USEF Pair Champion and founded one of the sport’s premiere competitions in 2010: the Hermitage Classic (now Kentucky Classic). Visit our renovated Stud Barn to learn CDE’s storied history and roam among antique and sport carriages in the gallery.

White Carriage Horse
4-horse Carriage Racing
2 carriage horses prancing

The Kentucky Classic

On even-numbered years, Hermitage Farm hosts one of the premier Combined Driving Event competitions in the US: the three-day Kentucky Classic Combined Driving Eventing Competition and Family Festival, featuring competitors from around the world.

Hummer 2 converted to a carriage

Notable Carriages at Hermitage Farm

The Carriage Gallery exhibits specimens of exquisite craftsmanship: be sure to take in the vis-à-vis carriage used in some of the most famous scenes between Clark Gable, Vivian Leigh, and Olivia de Havilland in Gone with the Wind, artist Jeremy Dean’s Stagecoach CEO—a converted Hummer2, and Steve Wilson’s champion Marathon carriage. Visitors can view them inside our Stud Barn during the Thoroughbred Horse Tour.